Come Over and See Us Sometime

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"This is such a kick-ass-album. It made me smile and want to dance the second I put it on...yet it's also deeply versed in the old-time and Southern weird, old sound. ...What I enjoyed most was the singing. It's exhuberant, which is not code for something else. It really is exhuberant, and there's a lot of it...." Sing Out vol 54 #3 Summer 2011



Brian Slattery and Harry Bolick are coming to a venue near you in the next few months to celebrate their new cd and 9 years so far, of fine exhuberant string band music!

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Come on Over and See Us Sometime: Fiddle duets, Vocal duets, banjo and fiddle duets.

Track List:

1. Come on Over and See Me Sometime

2. Little Black Train

3. Fancy Creek

4. Hornet's Nest

5. Golden Gate

6. When Gabriel Comes Blowin on His Horn

7. Who's That Knockin'

8. Ida Red

9. Cumberland Gap Medley

10. Stay All Night

11. Groundhog

12. Poor Little Mary /  Roll them Simmons

13. Ain't Gonna Work

14. Wild Pose in the Fountain