The Pleasure of Your Company

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Harry and Joel combine hard driving southern fiddle tunes, lyrical blues, and tight harmony singing to weave a spellbinding performance interlaced with a bit of history, a flavor of southern culture, and the joy of music.

Video from the Phillipstown Depo Theater, Garrison, NY March 24th,2012. Lincoln County Blues and The Shadow of the Pines

Harry and Joel at the East Fishkill library, Hopewell Junction, NY 2011


Harry Bolick on fiddle and vocals.

Biography and Discography

Joel Wennerstrom on banjo, guitar and vocals.

"Clawhammer banjo has been a main focus for me since moving from Ohio to NYC in 2001. I perform with numerous old-time and contra dance musicians in the area, and was a founding member of Two Lost Turkeys old time string band (formerly The Moonshiners). When not playing music, I make my living designing things and teaching design and drawing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. As an educator, I am surrounded by young, creative, energetic people who have a profound affect on me and my attitude towards life, and help me learn about myself. As a musician I am surrounded by talented friends who pour their hearts out through their hands and voices. As a designer, I discover other's needs and strive to make a difference in their lives any way I can."

Joel has also recorded with Rhys Jones and Cleek Schrey - Hammer and String - "The Girl Who Broke My Heart"


The Pleasure of Your Company: Fiddle and guitar, Vocal duets, banjo and fiddle duets.

Track List:

1. Drunken Man Blues

2. The Shadow of the Pines

3. Chubby Dragon

4. Trouble in Mind

5. Short Life of Trouble

6. Going Cross the Sea

7. Louis Collins

8. Twenty One

9. Hopewell

10. Lincoln County Blues

11. She Don't Take Calls

12. The Pleasure of Your Company

13. Good Fellers